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Customer Comments
Dear MJL Consulting,
The service was great!
You’ve done everything you said you would and in the time agreed. My credit score has increased significantly and the improvement was good enough to get a competitive interest rate and buy a house. I could have never qualified for a better interest rate without your help!
Thanks to all the folks at MJL Consulting for a bang-up job!  A.D.M. Lake Forrest Park, WA
I would like to take this time out and speak a few words on behalf of the incredible SERVICE that I received as part of the Building base that took place through MJL CONSULTING. Ms. Mary Jo Lamb, took what I brought to her - a mess of a Report.  It had Errors, Overdue mistakes??? and just plain NO CLUES. That kept me from my dearest goal, owning a home. When She Finished, Everything was in its place.  I Got My Home, as she Promised with Vigor and insight -she won on my behalf, it was worth taking a chance. She [is] real Special, and affordable, Thank you so much Mary JO . M.A. Coolwater. Bremerton.
Mary Jo, we couldn't have accomplished this without you!
Two years past filing bankruptcy, I am in a new home thanks to MJL. I qualified and got a 4.7 per cent fixed mortgage loan.  MJL addressed the errors on my credit report and they were resolved quickly. Thank You so much  F.W. Olalla, Wa.
Dear Mary Jo
My wife and I would like to take this time to say thank you for all your help in getting our credit back on track.  You really are heaven sent to help people in need.  Thanks for sticking with us every step of the way, as a result we have become more knowledgeable of how to keep our credit in great standards to meet the life time goal of owning a home.  Had it not been for your hard work, caring about our family needs, your experinece and knowledge of how to handle and assist with all types of credit concerns and issues, my wife and I could not have made it over the 600 mark and still climbing. Thank you for always taking and returning our phone calls day or night.  Thank you for teaching us the importance of having good credit and how to obtain it, but most of all thank you for never quitting on us.  We have been like a powerful team, and you have been a great coach!!!  We have been through a lot. May God continue to bless and protect you and your family as well as your business.
Duawn & Lashonda, AL
My wife and I would like to share our experience with an excellent credit consultant.
When we first consulted Mary Jo, we were looking for a home. This has been our dream for a path to financial independence for several years. 
It seemed that it was going to take us forever to pay off our past debts to the point of raising our credit enough to buy a home. We did not owe a huge amount of back debt, but it seemed that every time we paid one off, it made no difference to our credit scores and new debts, that we were unaware of, would pop-up in their place.  When Mary Jo took over our credit clean-up, the changes in our credit reports were dramatic and quick. 
She not only advised us which debts would be most prudent to pay off first but she cleaned up all the marks that we were not responsible for while keeping us informed of what was going on the whole time.  We would highly recommend Mary Jo to anyone that needs better credit and wants someone on their team with a positive, professional attitude and the know how to get things done.
Dennis & Elvria - Spokane, WA
We retained the services of MJL Consulting to help our credit situation.  In less than a year's time Mary Jo helped our credit score increase over 120 points!  Working with Mary Jo is a breeze.  She is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.  She told us what to do, helped with writing letters to the credit bureaus, and made the whole process simple.  She did all the work, or at least that is how is seemed to us!
As long as her advice is followed, we believe she can help anyone.  Within a year we bought a house and could also have credit cards and car loans.  We learned how to use our credit wisely, and how to build and maintain a good credit rating.
We would recommend the services of Mary Jo Lamb to our friends and family, and to anyone that needs help with their credit scores or wants to learn how to keep and maintain a good credit rating.  She is easy to work with, non-judgmental and extremely capable of helping anyone!  If you are considering credit consulting, we highly recommend MJL Consulting.
Mark & Tracy - Kearns, Utah
Mary Jo:
Thank you so very much for everything that you have done for us, we are very appreciative for all of your help.  This is all so crazy and when you are just starting out and attempting what you should have taken care of years ago...it's been all so confusing.  We are so glad that we have you to help us make the right decisions and guide us in this chaotic situation we have found ourselves in regrading our credit.  Thanks again for all your help.  Cheyne & Lacie -  TX
Hi Mary Jo
I just wanted to let you know that I received a credit approval letter from my bank on Tuesday and accepted it.  I do now see the difference in fees and realize how horrible the other credit card offers were.  I almost cried when I was approved. You have no idea how important fixing my credit is to me.  I know you probably hear it all the time but I really do want to thank you for all of your help.
Laree, Gig Harbor Wa.