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Are you missing out on loans because your customers credit scores are a few points away from an


Mary Jo and Mike will assist your customers in improving their credit scores by forming a detailed plan of action so you can help them obtain the best loan available for their specific circumstances.

We would love the opportunity to help your clients move forward with their mortgage loan. MJL Consulting will take your clients to the next level and build a credit report with credit scores worthy of an approval.

MJL Consulting will keep you updated on your clients’ progress. As soon as the target goal is achieved we will notify you so your client can move forward with the loan process.


  • Free Consultations and a solid plan of action
  • One on one personal and confidential assistance
  • Strategies for paying off and removing derogatory accounts from credit reports
  • Avenues to build positive credit
  • And more…..

We offer a free credit consultation to determine the amount of time and money your customer will need to invest to be able to turn around their credit to qualify for financing.

MJL Consulting would like to assist you in customer retention for future loans.

We would love to speak with you. Anytime you have questions please give us a call or send us an email. Mary Jo and Mike are always available to assist you. We are your credit experts!

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