MJL Consulting - Your Credit Specialists
Helping You Achieve Your Credit Improvement Goals!
MJL Consulting is a unique credit consulting group. We are in the business of helping people with their credit. 
Mary Jo Lamb has developed a program to facilitate her clients' success in lowering debt, increasing credit scores, and removing erroneous and outdated information from their credit reports.
My clients include people nationwide, who would like to buy a home, are in lease to own situations, recovering from bankruptcy, or would just like to qualify for a better interest rate on their car loans or credit cards.
We Provide:
  • Strategies for paying off and removing items from your credit report.
  • Guidance for building positive credit.
  • Correspondence prepared for corrections, deletions and settlements.
  • Customized solutions for each unique credit situation.
  • Ongoing support and personal confidential service.
We are honest, straightforward and dependable.  There is no secret to success; it takes hard work and determination, and that is what we offer you at MJL Consulting.
If you are serious about improving your credit rating, now is the time to take advantage of our services.  We will even evaluate your credit situation before you enroll in our program.
We have many success stories.  Our testimonial page is a small sample of our clients' accomplishments.

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Well, you have your new "Free Credit Score" it's not what you expected.....What do you do?  Call Mary Jo for your free evaluation and plan of action.  We Get Results! 253-678-7899 **********************************************************************************************************************