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It is very important that you follow the instructions we provide for you. We hope to eliminate any confusion about the MJL Consulting credit consulting program and how our system works. Please contact us when you have questions.

1.         MJL Consulting does not offer any guarantees either in writing or verbally implied. By accepting the receipt of this document you will agree to the following terms:

2.        Your participation is essential to the method that we use. This is a consumer driven program which is the only method the credit bureaus truly recognize.

3.        Ultimately it is up to the creditor or credit reporting agency to remove information.

4.        Consumers are entitled to challenge information on their credit file. If information goes unchallenged it can remain on the credit file for a maximum of seven years.

5.        Any information you receive in response to the correspondence mailed to the credit bureaus and creditors must be mailed, scanned and emailed or faxed to us as soon as you receive it. As we gather the information you send to us, MJL Consulting will review the information and determine how and when to respond.

6.        Our Client Success is affected by, Mailing times of the dispute letters, response times by the credit bureaus, and when information is received from clients and is forwarded to MJL Consulting.

7.        MJL Consulting cannot be bound by any pre- assigned time lines by you, your realtor, or your lender. If you remain patient, diligent and follow the plan of action advised, we can help you reach your goals.

Thank you for your business! We look forward to working with you!

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